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Friday, 7 December 2012

Busy Morning

Well, here I am at work (our shop)! I have never stopped this morning and can't believe it is lunchtime already. So many deliveries and not enough hours. But, that is a good thing. Shame we are soon to close.

I have not been able to write anymore than I already have so must get busy next week. My book 'The Little Christmas Elf' on Amazon Kindle is doing very well.I read it to my own little boy again the other day but have to make sure that I don't read it at bedtime as he gets very excited waiting to hear what happens next in the story. It is perfect for very young children even up to the age of around 9 or 10.

I am definately looking forward to completing my current book as it is, I think exciting and at a great pace to keep the interest.

I must go as right now I am starving and looking forward to the weekend when my little boy will be off school.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Long, Long time! Soon be Christmas!

Can't believe it has been so long since I was on here last. Sorry folks but so much has been happening and not all great but hey that's life isn't it? Horrible things can happen to the best of us and the worst seem to get along really well!

How has everyone been? I find it amazing how different things are now since I was last on. Well, for one thing my little boy ran away on his first day at junior school. Same old story, being bullied. Why do bullies like to make things difficult and want to hurt others? Never have worked that one out. Obviously so many people have problems in the lives so they want to put their troubles on others who seem to be weaker or smaller on them. Poor little thing was trying to get to my cousin's house in Manchester area as it was his son's birthday.

We have also decided to close our business. If it doesn't work then get out and that is the best thing we can do so I am now doing a lot more writing and am much further along in my novel as well as having lots more ideas. In fact there are so many I can't keep up there is so much inspiration in so many genres and hopefully fantastic!

So close to customers soon and it comes along so quickly. One minute it is November and the next already into December. My little boy loves Christmas but seems to want every toy on every advert. He should always remember that other children won't be getting anything this year. Thing is though if we keep reminding our children they will feel guilty which no child should really be made to feel.

I can't wait to get him to see Santa Claus but the Bridges is more like a grotty than a grotto! Places used to be much better when I was a child and I know I am not that old! 40 Is the new 20 these days isn't it?

Well, I hope we can do a Christmas countdown to the BIG day!

Bye for now!