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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Little Readers

I was at a school today helping a few children read and find that so many struggle with phonics. I have never believed that Phonics was the best way to approach reading for every child and found it easier the old fashioned way! I have felt this way ever since I found out about the so called 'brilliant method'. I was listening on the radio the other week and heard Julia Donaldson, author saying that not all children are suitable for all children. I am surprised it has taken so long for that to be noticed and said. Sometimes children find traditional methods easier than modern methods.

I also think that it might be better for the government to keep out of the education methods for reading and other things. Sometimes they do not really know what they are actually doing. It will be better if the government dictating to teachers and schools as to how they should teach rather than letting them do what they think is best for a child. No two children are the same and wouldn't it be an awful boring world if they were true?

I would love to hear opinions from some of you as to what they think about the school curriculum's being so rigid.

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